Our perception of life – is it true or a comfortable reality?

We all have feelings and thoughts that come from those feelings. Feelings like “I need more time” or “I need sometime alone” or “I just need the world to slow down or stop” or “give me a break” or even “I definitely need to be kinder to myself” this here at the first point you have felt and thought something is the time to bring this to yourself, to truly feel it. So when we try and work out what the thought means or how we should apply it we get another feeling and thought. This plays out and goes on and we can call this ‘life’ as we know it. We have a bunch of feelings and thoughts floating around and we are reacting to them in our own way but as long as we are getting things done we are happy, right? Well have you or we ever clocked the quality of how things feel first and then equally clocked the thoughts that come thereafter? Or do we just adopt an almost automated mode that goes into getting the thought done? Check now, what is the quality of your thought? What are you saying to yourself at this point, and is it true? Are we truly open to what we have felt or has our internal thought patterns been allowed to kick in and override what the feeling simply was? Yes, bring this to yourself and not wait for the space that never appears. Right here is our choice to make the space to feel and then not solve but allow our selves to feel, you need not even move a muscle. How we see ourselves and then our view of life comes from where and how we move next from this ‘first’ feeling.

So it matters not WHAT you are doing, if you are up, down or sideways, what matters is the quality or the WAY you are with everything that you do.

So at any point you have a feeling or thought or anything, in place of judging where the thought fits or adding to a perception, simply appreciate what you have felt. In other words, appreciate that you have felt something. So often we can go into self-critique or try to understand what it means and work it out but by simply, at the first point you have felt something appreciate just that. It could be in the form a saying it to yourself or more powerfully you could allow your body to settle and truly breath, accept and allow yourself to feel what is truly there and appreciate every part. The best way to appreciate is by the quality of movement. It’s the way we are and move that counts and this brings forward how we perceive life to be and so appreciating yourself in every movement, in every detail will allow you to see more and you will be aware of more feelings because you have nurtured them at the first point.

If we keep shutting down what we feel then our perception of life will hold the same path. If we appreciate everything as a feeling no matter the flavour, then this will directly impact what we allow our eyes to see.

Like now, we can dismiss this and what we have felt from reading this, make a judgement, compare, critique, ignore etc etc or we can appreciate the feeling that comes from what we have just read and start the ball rolling the other way. After all, it is ‘us’ that controls how things are we just aren’t appreciating that we can already see it.


One thought on “Our perception of life – is it true or a comfortable reality?

  1. I found this blog really interesting, I love that you are suggesting that a possible filtering system of the quality of our thoughts might support us. After all, if we own a nice car we put quality fuel in it, if we like to care of our bodies we buy quality food. So what you are proposing is simply a deeper level of self care. I also really liked the idea that we do not jump start every thought into action but instead appreaciate them whilst remaining decerning .
    This might sound over enuthastic but I am pretty sure what you have shared here is key to everything in life…
    Appreciating everything but only action things that are of a clear quality
    Moving in a way that supports clear thoughts.
    Breathing your own breathe and letting yourself feel everything!
    Sounds like a pretty solid approach.
    As your wife, I can vouch for the fact that you are extremely consistent and productive man, so I know you are speaking from your lived experience that can be trusted!

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