Defamation action Brisbane – defendant Esther Rockett – Part 1

In December 2016 I commenced proceedings in the Queensland District Court against Esther Rockett. I took this action together with Caroline Raphael in what I saw was the next step in standing up in our community in response to something that I knew was a complete lie.

defcourt copy

Since 2012 Esther Rockett and Lance Martin together have attempted to re-write history and ‘expose’ something in me that has apparently lay hidden in my then previous 45 year of life. Apparently hidden from the entire community in Casino and surrounding Northern Rivers where my family has been in business for almost 80 years, hidden from my employers, friends and work colleagues that still hold me in high regard, hidden from the NSW Police Service and their selection panels and processes where I commendably served for 13 years, hidden from the Australian Legal System where I was required to produce and give evidence, hidden so well that apparently I don’t even know about it. I am saying this all obviously because this is so hidden that the fact is, it is simply all-untrue.

What started out as Lance Martin now Riley Martin  not being able deal with his former wife leaving him and in that moment a choice from him to not look at what his part was in the on and off again relationship but to go out and blame another. That ‘another’ was Serge Benhayon, a highly regarded practitioner, author, businessman, presenter, father, grandfather, friend and community leader. All Serge Benhayon could be found guilty of was being a supportive practitioner to a then traumatised lady but Lance Martin set his sights not on dealing with his issues with life but put focus on the man that was possibly showing him all the points where he should be walking. So first started an online anonymous hate campaign by Riley and soon to be Esther Rockett that has now been going for 6 years. Esther Rockett is currently being sued in 2 different States for defamation in relation to the way she has used social media to ‘attack’, menace and harass Serge Benhayon, myself and those linked to Serge Benhayon, in anyway she can.

So enter my case when in 2016 I stood for election in the Ballina Local Government Area (LGA). I had been in business in the area for over a decade and my family had numerous businesses in the area for over 80 years. I had seen some unusual and at times confusing decisions in the LGA and surrounds. After numerous in shop and on the street conversations ending in people saying to me, “You should be on Council” or “You should be in Politics” I decided the time was right to take the step into Government in this way. Enter Esther Rockett who was, not known to me personally at all, had little knowledge of the Ballina LGA, had never stepped foot in any of my businesses, didn’t know my family and yet made it her focus to throw as many dramatic and outrageous stories into the social arena as she could in order to see me not be able to be elected. This attack formed the basis for my decision to sue Esther Rockett for defamation in the Queensland Courts. Many people, including some Councillors and Council staff and other community leaders supported my decision and stated they would have been more surprised had I not given the nature of theses public ‘attacks’ from Ms Rockett.

Much has been made and said of my decision to run for Council and yet the truth lies in the fact that this was just a natural progression for a man that has always seen the decency and care in people around him as one of the most important values. So will I ‘run’ again? It is most likely, given what I have learnt over my life and more so what I have learnt since stepping officially into the area for the first time.


When you see qualities and values that you hold dear being eroded on any level you know it’s time to step deeper into our community to have them upheld.

My civil defamation case against Esther Rockett is still currently running in the Brisbane Courts, more updates will follow.