My Religion and Me

I grew up in a time when religion was something that I was told about. I would visit a place where I was told religion lived. I saw other people that looked the same as me say they had a different religion. I was told that certain days of the week and year were more religious than others. I went to a school that I was told was religious. I sat in subjects about religion. I saw people wearing clothes that I was told made them religious. I grew up with so, so many questions about religion and at any time and at any age when I asked these questions I was told that was not religious. I sat quietly then with my questions still unanswered but fearing to speak up and ask those questions again. I didn’t believe in religion because I had a feeling what I was being told wasn’t the whole picture, it didn’t make sense. It seemed that anytime I would ask or try and discuss my confusion with religion it would make me more confused and add more questions.

So do I ask someone what religion is for me and hope that they can explain what I am feeling or do I simply connect to an ever deepening feeling and let what is there out? I have chosen to do this as a process for me for life. So if anyone asks me am I religious then the answer is yes, how could I not be, as we all are truly religious. Religion doesn’t happen on a certain day, in a certain place, wearing certain clothes, around a certain book for a certain group. Religion is everywhere you only need to connect deeply to it.

Have I found religion? Yes I have and I have found it inside me and not on top of a hill or in a building. In my religion there is the understanding of where this all comes from, where we all come from. It’s not exclusive and if I make it so, then this isn’t my true religion. My religion changes everyday, not the religion itself but my relationship to it. In this personal relationship how I see religion either expands or contracts, it can never stay the same or in a status quo.

How does my religion look? It looks like you and it looks like me. My religion wakes in the morning, gets ready with the family, drives the children to school, goes to work, has lunch, goes home to the family for dinner and goes to bed. Only to wake and repeat the same, day in and day out. My true religion is me but in it’s essence it holds us all and that’s how I live. I don’t tell people what religion is, there is no need. They see and understand my religion from how I walk, how I talk and the way I am. My religion is living and knows that whatever is in the past or future is here with me in the present. The deeper I am present in any moment the more religion I breathe and any time my religion seeks to tell someone what it is or identify what it has done it falls away from the true religion. This may seem like a new religion and yet it’s not as it feels like the way it has always been, my true religion is simply me.

2 thoughts on “My Religion and Me

  1. I know what you are saying Ray. My religion is very similar. I identify it as ‘living all of me, all of the time.’

  2. I love that in this Religion we are free from a Church, free from our minds, just free to commit to being more of who we are, in this Religion, the way we move and walk and talk is key to the quality and connection we feel to God. As long is my choices line up with my heart, and your heart and our collective hearts, anything goes. You describe it beautifully, thanks for the reminder of how simple Religion is in its true essence .

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