My Whole Body not only walks it talks

When I was young I remember there was a lot of focus on how you could remember things. All through school I recall struggling to learn, at times turning off to how things were taught. Those who were able to remember or recall things were rewarded and when I looked at the volume of work I thought it was impossible to learn so much, let alone recall it when I needed it. I was told that reading things over and over would help but I soon lost interest in this.

Any time there was a practical part to the learning or a physical application to what was being said, it just made sense and I was able to simply pick things up. I remember knowing and outwardly saying that when I had a tangible application to what was shown to me I found it easy. It was like education was targeting a particular part of you and for me this didn’t gel with how things were – it was like my whole body knew it needed to be involved for things to make sense. I had thoughts that part of me was dumb – that I wasn’t intelligent and I was just a physical type of person. I not only grew up with this but took it into my life… I believed that because I had difficulty with this type of learning that meant I would never be normal or be successful.

As I grew up and went from school into the workforce, similar things would happen. I was a life learner; whenever I could apply what someone was saying to life it made complete sense. It was like I had a particular way of learning – I didn’t just want to remember or recall something, I wanted to be able to live it. I wanted to know how what was said made sense to my whole body. Again I thought this was somehow inferior or that I was somehow dumb for having to be like this. I watched others pick things up quickly and I was somewhat a slow learner because of needing to apply a teaching to life. Some things I would pick up and others I wouldn’t. It wasn’t as if everything that I applied to life stayed with me either, and I didn’t know why this was. I had many question about life and in particular about how I learnt. I remember telling people how I found it best to learn and when I would say it I would still think this made me a second-rate citizen or similar.

I met a man by the name of Serge Benhayon who spoke of whole body intelligence, and when he did this just made sense. I came to realise that I wasn’t a broken, dumb and second-rate human being. In fact none of us are and from the awareness of what he said I was able to understand why I learned in the way I did. Even all those years back I was aware that something wasn’t right with just using part of my body to rule over the rest. It didn’t make sense, even though I put a lot of effort in trying to make this the case. It was like my whole being wouldn’t allow me to focus on a part but kept bringing it back to everything. My body knew something and even though it appeared quiet at times, I could see from how Serge Benhayon was, that there was a choice by me to have it this way.

The more awareness I bought to my whole body intelligence, the more everything around me made sense. I felt like I could be in the middle of life but not be surrounded and consumed by it. In this awareness – that appears at this point to have no end – I was able to gain insight into the past and future, all from the present. By staying and dedicating to how my whole body was feeling in any moment, I was able to expand my view of the world and have understanding of what was going on around me.

It wasn’t something you turned on, whole body intelligence was just there and you only needed to connect to it. This was like me returning to what I knew, what I always knew, but because I saw the world didn’t reward this I tried to change how I was to be a part of it. All along I was being pulled back to how I was; I knew how everything worked from a young age. I knew growing up that there was more to learning than school could support me with – for me this is why I learned the way I did. My body had an awareness of what was going on all along – it’s just that I didn’t trust that this was true from all that was around me. When Serge Benhayon came along it wasn’t as if he was saying something I didn’t already know, he simply had more awareness of the truth. I knew it but had doubted and discounted what I was feeling.

Whole body intelligence is the new, and the old, black.

3 thoughts on “My Whole Body not only walks it talks

  1. I really enjoyed reading this Ray, and feel so many of us can relate to feeling dumb because we didn’t fit the school ideal of being able to recall information to prove our intelligence. And even though I did jump these hoops and get rewarded with good marks, this way never felt quite right to me, and often I would question myself and what I was feeling because I too learnt more easily in the physical application of learning, especially when it was practical applied to life. I did eventually give up rather than play the game, and did the bare minimum to get out of school, and after a few years of working decided to go to university where the quest to recall information was even more intense. But I eventually gained my degree by ticking all the boxes needed and jumping through the mental hoops.

    Our current educational way of learning is very limited and unfortunately does not prepare us for life by being practical. It only focuses on our mental abilities, which is in truth, not practical in a lot of ways.

    1. Thanks Robyn and few would think “our current educational way of learning is very limited” and yet for us this is true. I see even now it would appear more limited and leaves more children behind then ever before. It would seem in the quest for better we leave out the true and so a change is needed. There are things we can do now, how we live, how we communicate, how we are with children and ourselves supports everything else. There is something we a tapping into here that has always been known and written about, now is the time to bring it into this new era.

      1. I fee there are more and more people within the educational system who are aware to some degree that the current way is not working, but are at a loss to know how to bring change about. It is about living the change, offering another way as you have shared. Bringing back to the fore what we all feel to varying degrees, that there is more to what we are being presented with at school. Because even though I didn’t muck up and overtly buck the system like many kids do to show that something isn’t right, I felt it, internalised it, and didn’t know what to do to change it. I felt powerless in a system that asked me to be anything but myself, to go against what felt true and practical. Thankfully, now having reconnected back to my body and to the intelligence it holds, I can be a role model to my children which will support them in navigating there time at school and in the world in a different way to which I did. A way where they are less likely to lose themselves, give up, or become driven to get good marks. Something I am constantly learning more about now I have returned to university studies!

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